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We encourage researchers, engineers, scientists, etc. in the domain of Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence from around the world to submit your paper via Online Submission System or to E-mail:

To make sure that your submissions are received and reviewed, please submit as EARLY as possible. By submitting a paper, all authors also agree that at least one author would attend the conference. All submissions will be subjected to blind peer review organized by technical committee chairs with reviewers.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


- Artificial Neural Networks

- Genetic Algorithms

- Association Rule Learning

- Inductive Logic Programming

- Automata, Logic and Games

- Intelligent Systems

- Bayesian Networks

- Lambda Calculus and Types

- Clustering

- Logic and Proof

- Commercial Software

- Machine Learning

- Commercial Software with Open-Source Editions

- Models of Computation

- Complex Systems

- Object-Oriented Programming

- Computational Complexity

- Open-Source Software

- Computational Learning Theory

- Pattern Recognition

- Computational Linguistics

- Reinforcement Learning

- Computer Animation

- Representation Learning

- Computer Science

- Similarity and Metric Learning

- Computer System

- Sparse Dictionary Learning

- Concurrent Algorithms and Data Structures

- Supervised Learning

- Data Mining

- Support Vector Machines

- Decision Tree Learning

- Unsupervised Learning

- Deep Learning